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A director of music videos, turned screenwriter, Greg studied filmmaking at CSU in New South Wales, (along with V For Vendetta helmer James McTeigue) and graduated the following year. The highlight           of Greg’s time at film school was directing the official music video for legendary prog-rocker (and former Yes keyboardist) Rick Wakeman, for his 1985 single Glory Boys. It screened in the UK that       same year.

After graduating, Greg moved to South Australia, where he cut his teeth editing, shooting and directing dozens of promos and industrial films. During this time he also directed music videos for a number of local indie bands, which screened both in his native Australia and across Europe. Several of these were highly regarded and won various awards.

In more recent times, Greg has turned his hand to screenwriting, having written an imposing slate of spec scripts so far.

He is currently seeking representation.

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  1. Hi there!

    If you would like to drop me an email, my public email address is:

    Thanks for dropping by!



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