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Travis Milloy on Infinity Chamber – interview

September 26, 2017

Writer-director Travis Milloy gives us the low-down on the release of his new movie Infinity Chamber as well as potential new projects he has in the works.

With the hotly-anticipated release of his new sci-fi thriller Infinity Chamber on iTunes and Amazon Prime, I again had the great pleasure of sitting down for a skype chat with writer-director Travis Milloy. Having seen and reviewed the film last year (under its original title Somnio) – I’m so very excited it is now finally out there to be seen.

Greg: So congratulations on the imminent US release. Exciting news!

Travis: Thank you! It’s been a long road, you know. So we’re finally almost there.

So how did finding a distributor come about?

We hired a sales agent who knew my manager. And he went out to several companies. And we only had two offers – a bigger company and then XLrator Media. But XLrator were offering a better deal. So we went with them. And you know what, they’re probably perfect for our movie coz they kinda’ do, you know, low-grade, low budget movies – so we fit in there pretty good.

Well that’s not to say that Infinity Chamber is low-grade by any means.

No, but meaning – no stars, low budget. So, you know – we know where we sit. But they’re excited about it. So we’ll see what happens.

How did the title change from Somnio to Infinity Chamber come about? Was it suggested by the distributor – or was it a decision you guys came to?

Yeah, they knew – right out of the gate when we started talking to them, they said they wanted a title change. And I wasn’t surprised by it. You know, I kinda’ expected it. I always knew that from the beginning coz Somnio was – it’s a little bit of an abstract title – so it doesn’t appeal to what they’re trying to do with marketing. You know, when people are scanning through Netflix or whatever, Infinity Chamber is probably a better title – just for that purpose alone. And the funny thing is – the whole time I had been involved with that movie, every time I would tell someone – when they’d say ‘What’s the name of your movie?’ And I’d say ‘Somnio’. Everyone would say ‘What?’ But when you say Infinity Chamber – they get it. It might not be the greatest title, but it works better from a selling point than Somnio did.

So was it a title which you came up with?

Yeah, you know what – they were pretty cool about it. We submitted probably a dozen titles. And then they came back – they picked a few of ours and then they had a few of their own. And then they let me pick – which was nice. The one they had – I didn’t like. So at least I got to go with something I had submitted to them. So that worked. They’ve been good to work with – they let me cut the trailer. So I did that all myself. So yeah, it’s been a good experience working with them.

Did they have input into what would be done with the trailer?

Yeah, a little bit. A little bit. Actually, they gave me the choice. They were gonna have a company to do it – they hire people to do those kind of things. But we woulda’ had to pay for it. So I was like, well I might as well try and do my own version. So I did one cut and I submitted it to them. And then they had a few notes, and I improved upon it and then it slowly became what we ended up with. The only down side was – I didn’t have very much time. I had to do it in about a week. So I would’ve liked to have more time to work on it. And actually, it’s funny coz I’ve improved it since – but that’s not the one that’s out there (laughs). But that’s okay. We’re getting a pretty good reaction from it. So it’s been good so far.

Having viewed the film again just recently, it really struck me this time round that there are several ways to interpret the ending and there appears to be a certain ambiguity built into it.

Right. It’s interesting, coz I love talking to people who have seen it. And it’s split pretty much down the middle about what they think that ending meant. It could be this or it could be that. But I like people to accept the ending they want to imagine. Just the fact that there’s a debate about it – is great. The key for me is that whether you like a film or you don’t, as long as it gets you thinking and it makes you think about it after that viewing – coz, you know, to watch a movie and it’s like uh, okay – I’m done thinking about that and I have nothing to say about it – nothing to talk about – that’s not the kinda’ movie I like.

So apart from finding a distributor for Infinity Chamber, what else have you been up to since we last spoke?

You know, I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve been writing a lot. Writing some new scripts. I’m trying to find the next movie to do. I’ve also been working on some commercials and just some other video production stuff and some other scripts. So, just been keeping real busy on the keyboard – writing a lot.

What is the status of Monstrum? I love that script and it’s a great read and it would definitely make for a fun movie. Are you still planning on making that one?

Thank you! Definitely, that one’s on my radar. How and when to do that movie – honestly, right now I’m planning on that one being – if I continue to make movies – to make that my third film. But first I wanna do another smaller film. I think that one demands a certain budget level to do it right. And I know how long that process takes and so if you’re gonna spend that amount of money, you definitely need name actors and that’s such a long process. So I’m gonna do another movie and I’m gonna try and go into production as soon as I can – this next spring – and shoot another film. But it has to be another very self-contained lower budget project – where, I’m gonna try and get names of course – but I’m gonna try and keep it at a lower budget – just because I know how to do that and we can have another film shot and improve upon what we did before and then move towards bigger projects like Monstrum for sure. I tried creatively to think of a way to do that movie for a lower budget, but even the lowest possible – like sacrificing a lot of stuff – you get a certain point where it starts to hurt the movie more than the project, so its like, yeah, definitely to do that movie and to do it right you definitely need a few million at the minimum so, that’s why I’m gonna hold onto that one and hopefully do it as the third project or one that’s further down the road.

So can you tell us anything more about this other lower budgeted project?

It’s interesting, I’ve been writing a lot and I can’t really – I’ve been a little scattered – coz I’ve been a little gun shy on what project to commit to next – because I know how long of a road it is. So I’ve been writing a lot of sporadic stuff – where I’ll start on an idea and I’ll just dive in and get all excited and I’ll write twenty or thirty pages and then I kinda’ set it aside and then see if it sticks with me – if I can’t stop thinking about it then I know something’s there. So I’ve been doing that a lot – especially over these last six months; writing just these kinda’ random crazy ideas. So I’ve got some interesting stuff in the works – just nothing that’s like – okay, that’s the one. I’ve got a few scripts that I’ve got my eye on, that I’m interested in – but none of them are ‘the one’ yet. I’m close, but its like – do I commit that much energy and time. It’s gotta be perfect. So I’ve been second-guessing myself more than I normally do and I think its just because of what we went through to get that one movie made. There’s so much time and energy spent on it, I’m just gun shy to commit and say okay – this is it.

Tonally the script for Monstrum is quite different from Infinity Chamber and also Pandorum. Was this a conscious decision?

For some reason, with this next project – I’m looking at doing stuff that has a bit more levity to it. I don’t really know what it is. I think that once you go through that whole thing and then – I think it was watching Infinity Chamber with a crowd, I felt – for me personally – I felt like the movie could have been scarier. Or it could have been funnier. You know what I mean? So its like, I wanna push more extremes. There were a lot of times when I was in that theatre with a crowd, and I kept thinking – oh I could’ve really got them there if I woulda’ went this way. I could have really made it scary if I wanted to. Or I could’ve made it a lot more fun. So for some reason, I’m leaning towards things with levity – like Monstrum. Monstrum I think is the perfect example – to do a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously; that has some good laughs and is a good thrill ride. Those are things that are appealing to me right now. So we’ll see.

Infinity Chamber is available on iTunes and Amazon Prime from September 26th with other streaming platforms to follow. For updates and further information on current and future releases of Infinity Chamber, please visit and bookmark the official website here:

And join the official facebook page here: 

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Greg Moss is a film school graduate with a background in directing music videos     and is currently seeking representation as a screenwriter. He likes creative people, feeding the cat and watching genre movies. Greg can also be heard on the Blu-ray commentary track for the 1980 sci-fi thriller Saturn 3, out now from Scream Factory.

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  1. xlsdx permalink

    Uh, why didn’t you ask him WTF the movie was about, of all things?


    • gregory moss permalink

      Mainly because what the movie is about is fairly self evident, I’d say. 🙂


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