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Saturn 3 Coming To Blu-Ray!

July 20, 2013

saturn 3 - teaser small

Hi everyone! For a couple of months now I have been sitting on a secret – a secret I’ve just been itching to tell you all. As some of you may know, last October I launched a website devoted to the making of Saturn 3 – a sci-fi thriller from 1980 starring Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas and Harvey Keitel – a movie which, despite its fair share of production woes (or perhaps because of them) has garnered somewhat of a cult following over the years. For a long time now, the movie itself has been virtually out of circulation in the UK and the US – having never received a substantial release on DVD – let alone Blu-Ray.

Until now.

shout! factory logo

scream factory titles

Stateside genre specialists Shout! Factory have just announced today they will be releasing Saturn 3 as a newly-remastered special edition Blu-Ray, packed full of bonus features exclusively prepared for this release. It  will be available for purchase before the end of the year.

For anyone unfamiliar with the movie, you can visit my site at:

I’m sure this will be an eagerly anticipated release for all Saturn 3 fans. I for one can hardly wait!

  1. Interesting! Um… Never heard of it! 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s pretty much been lost in obscurity for the past thirty-three years. Although the BBC, apparently, screens it late at night every six months or so. 🙂

  2. Alas I don’t have a region-free Blu-ray player, so it looks like I’m stuck with the Beeb’s showings. Its a ‘great’ old-style sci-fi movie; a pretty poor film really but its a pity that we don’t get more movies like it now we have digital film-making and fairly cheap effects tools. Why do so many sci-fi films have to be huge blockbusters now?

    Supernova though. What a Hell-In-A-Handbag-Trainwreck that film was. Although I seem to remember liking a deleted/alternate-ending that was an extra on the DVD.

    Now, if we are talking REALLY great bad/old sci-fi movies… Life-Force is the daddy of them all. And coming to Blu-ray here in the UK in September. I cannot wait.

    • gregory moss permalink

      Hey Ian. It’s no matter if you don’t have a region-free blu-ray player – as Saturn 3 is being released on the same label as Life-Force – so I’m guessing it will have a similar release in the UK (it’s only us colonials living in the Southern Hemisphere who have to worry about regions it seems). 🙂 By the way – I too have a soft spot for Life-Force and I’m looking forward to checking out the blu-ray for myself. 🙂

  3. Xenolicker permalink

    Is this something like Barbarella?

    • This teaser poster gives that impression doesn’t it? No – actually, it’s more like a Gothic horror in space – or a ‘killer robot run amok’ movie – along the lines of Demon Seed, crossed with Frankenstein.

  4. Another observation regards Saturn 3. I will always have a soft spot for the film because of John Barry’s involvement in it. John was a production designer on Star Wars so was, in my youth at the time reading magazines like Starburst and Fantastic Films, a familiar name to me. He was something of a British genius and had a bright future ahead of him. Saturn 3 was his baby and was to be his directing debut, if I recall correctly, but it all went wrong for him and he was replaced by Stanley Donen. John ended up back in the Star Wars gang working on The Empire Strikes Back, but died suddenly. I well recall the shock/sadness I felt reading the news in Starburst that he had died. Due credit to George Lucas, he shut down production of TESB for a day as a mark of respect on the day of the funeral. All this has little to do with Saturn 3 of course, but those memories always rise to the fore whenever I read/hear of the film.

    • gregory moss permalink

      Partly why I’ve created the ‘Something Is Wrong On Saturn 3’ website is to address what really happened to Barry on the set and debunk the bad publicity which surrounded his departure – the myth that he was out of his depth when dealing with actors etc.

      And I too was a massive fan of Starburst, Fantastic Films, Fangoria, Starlog etc … although the best of the bunch was – and still is – Cinefantastique. 🙂

  5. I miss that era of film magazines in their heyday. Internet wrecked all that. If you haven’t read it yet, check my blog entry ‘The Golden Age of Film Magazines’ , I think it might be tagged under Archives as its from my older blog and I copied it across.

    Yes, Cinefantastique was the best, but its decline was so sad. Do you know that Starburst is still going? Sort of like an indie title now, it uses the original 1970s logo design. I’ve not bought a copy in ages but have been tempted after browsing issues in stores. They sometimes reprint old articles (the Prometheus issue had the review of Alien from issue 12 way back in 1979).

  6. Xenolicker permalink

    Alien!? Someone say Alien!!??

    • Yes man- Alien, one of the top five genre films of all time, a film that just gets better and better with the years. Bring on the killing-machine xenomorph!

      • Xenolicker permalink

        Hhmm… The chestburster could benefit from some strategic CGI placement though; John Hurt looks awfully square there! And a 3D conversion would be nice… Oh, and an obligatory Alien movie every year please, each from a different director and with a budget of at least 100 million. Alien forever!

      • CGI? Chestburster? Heresy!

      • Xenolicker permalink

        I don’t mean the creature. I mean the act of bursting the chest, the “chestbursting scene”, the fact that it looks so fake because the actor who’s chest is gonna burst(Am i spoiling the movie? Is anyone else reading this besides you, me, and maybe that Australian bloke…?)looks so obviously “prepared”. THAT could use some CGI. Creature looks fine…

      • gregory moss permalink

        That aussie bloke? Don’t mind me – I’m just enjoying the show. This discussion is getting a little off-topic though. 🙂

      • Xenolicker permalink

        I agree Greg, this discussion is getting way out there. Almost all the way to Saturn… hey!?… i think we are on-topic again!

  7. Yep- Saturn and is definitely the prettiest of the planets. There, thoroughly back on topic!

    Regards John Barry, is it true that he left the film because of Kirk Douglas flexing his Hollywood muscles?

    And staying on topic even further, I recall reading the novelization back in the day, it was quite an interesting, sober read. Seemed bit more serious sci-fi than the film, either of you read it?

    • Xenolicker permalink

      Kirk, Harvey and Farrah seem to me a pretty explosive combination. Especially when she was wearing the outfit of the poster… Mayby John Barry stood one time in the wrong spot too many? And no, i haven’t read the novel.

    • gregory moss permalink

      Yeah, it’s true Kirk Douglas made life difficult for Barry. The poor guy never recovered and – it could be argued – it lead him to an early grave. And yeah, Steve Gallagher’s novelization is definitely a great read!

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